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We believe in putting our customer before the bug.

Few professionals have made greater contributions to the cause of improving our planet's environment than the pest control industry. Our industry has displayed respect for nature and the delicate ecosystem in which we live. We have contributed to improving health conditions by making many disease-carrying pests almost endangered species.

We believe in safe solutions to pest control and the enhancement of preventing further pest activity.  We have developed and proven strategies in pest control programs for apartments, condos and small townhouse complexes. We specialize in Bees, Ants, Roaches, Rodents, Silverfish, Alligators, Birds and General Pest Control and Maintenance.

Trust that the president of Banzai de Bug and its top technician for pest control, personally visits each home and site to do a complimentary appraisal and will be able to instantly quote you a price.  Along with the pricing you will also be shown in detail how treatment of your site and home will be handled Successfully.

TRUST earned by our service.

SUCCESS achieved through results.

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We only service Manhattan.